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140 HP stuck in the up position after towing!

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  • 140 HP stuck in the up position after towing!

    I just purchased a boat with a 140 HP Suzuki motor. A person at the marina locked the engine in the up position for the tow. Several hours later back at our house we tried to raise the engine to release the locks and could not do it. The engine is now stuck up and we can't get to move in either direction. I have considered unbolting the locks to see if it will release the engine to move freely. The engine to only 3/4 up so we should be able to raise it more. I do not want to start guessing so early in ownership am I looking for some help. Any suggestion would be useful.


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    If the motor runs but not trimming up then it may be low on fluid, try adding fluid to it.
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      check the battery cables at the battery - make sure there is no corrosion
      and make sure the battery is fully charged
      I take it that neither the remote our the trim switch in the side are working
      is there any other electrical not powering up when you turn the ignition key to the on position (without starting)


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        Also a post from 2009
        Regards, Martin
        DF200 2007