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Long term engine holder plug corrosion repair results

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  • Long term engine holder plug corrosion repair results

    Looking for some long term results on anybody doing a weld/patch job on the corrosion issue for earlier model DF115, 140 etc. Trying to avoid the costly replacement of the engine holder and or driveshaft housing

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    I can't speak for others, but I replaced the steel plug after 3rd year of operation when I read about the issue.
    I had an oil leak on my swivel shaft and lifted the power head 2 years ago. The aluminum plug area looked ok.
    Recently my engine started sounding strange. A month ago I lifted the power head and pulled off the engine holder. Holy moly, I discovered the issue on the opposite side of the plug. You can't see it from the top of the holder. Corrosion ate a hole into the compartment that contains the actual engine.holder bolts.
    There are a number of things u don't do when removing the holder. The manual makes it look like you have to disassemble the entire motor.


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      Here is a pic from the underside of the holder 20171202_124921.jpeg


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          Yeah, that video shows the whole issue with the corrosion. I guess one could remove the holder and weld it up. However, you have to remove it to get to that point. For $800 you can replace it. The new holder comes with new bearings and seals. If you do that welding I thnk it would ruin the seals for sure. There are 3 at the shaft, below the timing/crank gear. Those three cost $35, don't know about the bearing.
          I don't think there is an anything that can fix the old design. Perhaps it will extend the life replacing the aluminum plug. But replacing mine in 2010, an 07 motor, still didn't prevent some of the thinning around the plug nor the damage on the opposite side.
          My recommendation is buy new and move along. I also belive the new holder has a little different shape/angle on the plug side. It didn't appear to have such a bowl shape.


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            Two Questions;
            1) On the "engine holder" replacement, what exactly travels behind the engine holders plug? -Exhaust gas ?
            2) As I need to do the repair in a few months, why do other people have water in their oil if their "engine holder" plug was rotting out.
            Thanks, I'm trying to get a feel for what type of repair to do on this..