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Suzuki DF115 2006 Engine Check Light On

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  • Suzuki DF115 2006 Engine Check Light On

    Morning All, so, went to the boat yesterday to start to install NMEA network, thought I'd start with a loose install just to check everything works before clipping down and pushing cables through ducting. Removed the engine cowl, plugged interface cable into SDS port, removed switch panel on console to find a feed for the NMEA backbone, turned key to position 1 to power up with multimeter in hand, engine goes through checks as normal (4 lights on tacho come on) but when finished the Engine Check light is still on (solid not flashing) with the beep sounding every 9 seconds! Thinking it might be something to do with the interface cable I unplugged from the SDS port and tried again, same as before! Had a poke about with the multimeter and it's apparent there is no power at the switch panel (no lights, no bilge pump etc), also no power for engine tilt. Has anyone got any idea what has happened, last time out 2 weeks ago I had no problems at all, engine ran as sweet as a nut. Could the engine interface cable be faulty (previously owned) and have caused a fuse or relay to blow. I would appreciate any comments/views before I start poking around as I am fairly inexperienced at all this but willing to have a go. Regards, Grant.

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    Are batteries well charged? Weird things happen when poor power supply!

    check the white wire connection either at the battery or battr6 master switch too.

    The network connection should not have affected anything. Unless you blew a fuse or disturbed harness wiring when connecting things up behind th dash....


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      I think it is normal for the system to beep if the key is turned to the on position and not started
      the other power loss is not normal
      you may have unplugged one of the power connections under the dash the feeds the various switches
      there is an inline fuse on the white wire but if that was blown you should not get power to the ignition key


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        Thanks for the advice guys, should get down to the boat tomorrow and start checking. Will respond. Grant.


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          Problem solved, I stow a storage box in a locker under the console that shares it's space with the back of the battery isolator switch, constant bashing (unintentional) with the box each time I stowed it knocked a cable out of the switch terminal. Will take more care in the future! I went on to test my newly acquired engine interface cable and the Simrad GO7 recognises it but I have some questions about software change that I can't find the answer for in any posts/stickys. Should I start a new thread Moonlighter? Grant.

          Think I have found some answers after much reading, I couldn't see on the Simrad GO7 where to change interface software version, I was looking in the device menu but I now believe I have to access the .luf file on the sd card from the file menu. Grant.
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            Good you found the problem.

            If you have issues with the network keep posting on this thread, I will try to keep an eye on it.

            With a 2006 year engine, interface version 2.30 is the surest bet to work properly in my experience.

            To load it, copy the file to a suitablle SD card, inset into GO7, make sure the network power is turned on and the engine key is on, then find the SD card in the GO7 menu, open it, highlight the luf file and upload. Wait for upload to complete.

            Then go back into network menu/device list and select the Suzuki device. Check that it now shows software V 2.30.

            If it does you must then configure. Select engine year and hp using the drop down menu on the Suzuki device configure page. Select number of engines and tanks, engine position will be centre, enter tank capacity. That is about it.

            let us know how you go.


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              Went to the boat today to flash the interface cable to an earlier software version (2.3). Wasted a couple of hours wondering why the SD card would not show in the file menu, after much head scratching I figured that the Simrad GO7 can't read SD cards above 32 GB so using a 64 GB card was never going to work! Back home to copy files onto 32 GB card and then back to the boat. Current software version is 2.7, I selected the 2.3 .luf file and then selected upgrade.....nothing happened, again and again I tried. Then I thought maybe I have to step it down so tried version 2.5 and bingo! successfully uploaded the earlier version 2.5. Thinking 2.3 would now be a breeze but oh no, not having none of it, the file will just not upload. The 2.3 .luf file is the same size as Dropbox version (23.13 KB) so appears to have downloaded complete and is not corrupted, are there any other places to get this file? Anyone have any ideas please. Grant.


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                Before you try another version of V2.30, put the motor on the muffs or in a drum of water, and start it up. Warm it up for a couple of minutes until the engine revs settle.

                Now, Check the fuel flow rate. The fuel flow rate is the one thing that will be wrong if the software version doesnt play nice with your engine year. There is a fair chance that V2.5.0will be OK for your motor. This version auto-detects engine year and hp so you cant set them in the config screen.

                I work in metric units, and my Df115 idles using 0.8 to 0.9 litres per hour. Convert that to US gallons. If your result is close to that, then leave it running V 2.5.0 - problem solved.

                (on your SD card you should delete the V2.5.0 version before trying to upload V2.30.)

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                  Thanks for the advice Moonlighter, I'm hoping to put the boat in the water next week so I'll do it then, I work in litres too, I'm a Brit living in Portugal for the winters. You're correct about the auto-detect, version 2.5 thinks my motor is a 2012 DF140, (actually a 2006 DF115). I'll report back next week . Grant.


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                    Ok let us know how it goes. I am running V 2.5.0 on my 2010 DF115, and it was very close to 100% accurate out of the box. If it is a dud version for your engine, fuel flow will be so far wrong, its not funny- like 10 x what it should be. You will know straight away.

                    V 2.5.0 also “sees” my motor as a 2012 140, so dont let that bother you at all. It is all about ECU versions and engine families. It makes no difference to any data.
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                      One more question before I go to the boat Moonlighter, in your excellent NMEA 2000 sticky you mention in the Q & A section the extra 2 pin plug (trim) on earlier interface cables. My engine is pre 2010 and I do have the extra 2 pin plug on the interface cable, I have had a good look around the area under the front of the engine and can't see a spare 2 pin socket to connect to. On the same side of the engine and below the SDS socket is the trim rocker switch with wires from it going into a cluster with what looks like a 2 pin plug/socket amongst it all, do I need to unplug something else to plug the interface 2 pin into or should there be a spare socket just sitting there doing nothing that I plug into? Regards, Grant.


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                        The 2 pin trim plug will already be being used for sending analogue data thru the harness to the helm so that a normal analogue trim gauge will work. So you wont find a spare 2 pin plug there. Likely it is the one you found by following the trim switch.

                        So you have a choice - to unplug it from the harness and connect it to the 2 pin plug on the intrface cable, or to leave it plugged in where it is, and forgo getting trim data onto the network. It is a choice of one or the other, not both.


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                          Thanks for that Moonlighter, I think I'll leave as is then I can still see trim while on the navigation page on the MFD.