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2005 DF140 Suzuki with split oil hose

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  • 2005 DF140 Suzuki with split oil hose

    My DF140 developed a split oil line hose above the oil filter and behind the manifold. Has anyone else experienced this happening. It looks like a lot of work to replace a few dollars worth of hose line. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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    Been on this forum for quite a few years now, and this is the first time I have heard of such a thing.

    Are you certain its a split line and not a tiny pinhole in the filter? That has happened a few times, sprays oil around under pressure.


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      I have a major leak. The oil just pours out when the engine starts. I was able to view at least a 1" long split on the line feeding a tee just above the oil filter canister. This line also runs to the back of the engine at the base of the block. I assume that it is either a feed line to the top of the block or a return line. I did not find any oil hose lines shown in my Seloc book on Suzuki engines.


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        I have found a drawing that shows the hose that I am referring to. In the parts section, look under THERMOSTAT diagram, Fig #15. The hose with the split is part #19, with the split near where the words "Boats Net" appears on the diagram.


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          My mistake, The hose that I was referring to is actually a hose from the oil cooler and engine block cooling. It appears from further investigation that the oil is coming from the oil cooler where it connects to the block. Not sure yet if it is the cooler itself or just the gasket between it and the engine block that is causing the leak.


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            Ok yes, if you search for DF140 oil cooler leaks, you will find quite a bit of info. Likely that the cooler has corroded and will need to be replaced.


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              Thanks Moonlighter. I have now removed the oil cooler and have found that it had cracked completely through on the up side . It looks like the brazing of the water cooling nipple caused a weakness. It only took 13 years to materialize. Perhaps I had a small leak for a while, but not noticeable. I have ordered a new oil cooler. I have been working on my engine while the boat is on a lift over the water, so I have had to be careful with my investigation so as not to leak oil into the water.