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    I recently boat a Seafox with a 2007 DF140 Suzuki four-stroke. It has a aluminum prop and I'm considering buying a used SS prop. I'm considering a Mercury Maine Tempest 3-blade prop that is 14" in dia and the pitch is 25. Is this prop OK to use on my motor?

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    Is it a replaceable hub? I know my 2013 140 doesn't use the same spline as a Merc.. That said general rules for a SS prop are.. If you have a slowish boat, skip it, you'll gain nothing. If it does in the 50's, you might add 2-3mph, if it runs close to 70, why don't you have one now.. Also if you boat in shallows where rocks are common keep in mind if you hit a rock with an aluminum prop, you'll likely destroy a $150 prop, if you hit it with a stainless prop, you'll likely destroy a $2000 gear case and prop shaft. They don't give at all and something has to and no the rubber hub does not help. Been there a few times!


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      I had a 14x23 3 blade Alum. loaner while waiting for my SS 14x23 3 blade Suzuki prop to come in. 20' Aluminum 1300 lb Boat 10 degrees DR.

      Both props turned 6100 rpm, and 47-48 mph with me and 20 gallons of fuel.

      But the SS, came out of the hole like a 2 stroke 150 hp. Night and day difference, and held corners way better.