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My new prop doesn't fit...I need some advice?

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  • My new prop doesn't fit...I need some advice?

    Okay, I have to admit I don't know much about props. Last week, I found a good deal on a Suzuki Stainless Steel prop. I current have a 1984 Suzuki DT115. My current prop is an aluminium 13 X 19. I bought an Suzuki 13 1/4 X 18 made in USA. So I believe it's made by Solar for that correct? I didn't realize my stopper and spacer wasn't going to work. This was a used prop I bought off Ebay.

    Back SS Prop.jpgSS Prop Front.jpgBack of Alum Prop.jpgFront Alum Prop.jpg
    Back of Stainless Prop....................New Stainless ................................. Back of Aluminum....................... Front of the Aluminum prop

    I know the older DT motors use 13 spine props, so I thought I was safe and it would fit I've been trying to read up and learn as much as I can. Brown Point Marine parts online book it show V Type and U type of spacers and washer. The Aluminum and SS prop hubs are totally different. The Aluminum prop is flush, and the SS is recessed....where the nut sits its deeper in the housing. I also read if I installed a new hub, it will include the needed stopper and washer.

    I'm totally confused and I live in no Suzuki dealer near by or prop shop. So when I google Hubs for Suzuki props, it's the 13 or 15 spines....but I don't see anything about fit inside a Suzuki prop. So is the chamber housing for the hub universal.......width and depth?

    So I'm hoping someone can steer me in the direction? So my good deal, isn't looking so good now.

    Thanks for taking time to read my post and helping advice!


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    Suzuki 4 stroke outboard props (DF engine code) will not fit Suzuki 2 stroke props (DT motor code), they are different splines 15 vs 13 and different hub shape/design.

    So the bad news is the prop you have acquired is not going to be compatible with your DT motor. You may be best off re-listing it for sale and buying a 13 spline model that suits your motor.

    I do believe the Suzuki US props are (or at least were) made for them by Solas.
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      Thanks Moonlighter, but this a 13 spline prop.


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        I have had an eerily similar experience. SSYS prop from ebay for my DF60. I kept pushing it on and the spacer wouldn't fit. Mine had a small casting burr that wouldn't allow it to slide on all the way. Is the "lip" on the lower end "over" the proximal end of the prop? I used a dremel tool to remove the casting imperfections and eventually it slid all the way on. On travel until late this week but I can take a photo to show you what I mean ..