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should the props spin with the engine off

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  • should the props spin with the engine off

    I have twin df300's. the port engine props always spins with a hose aimed at it when the engines are trimmed up. The starboard sometimes does, sometimes does not. I pulled it out of the water and the starboard was definitely not "free". Is this normal? Dealer says this is nothing to worry about.

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    Joe With the engines out of gear , they should spin freely


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      They will spin freely as catacom says. If one is stiff, it's the bigger concern. If they're in gear they will spin in one direction only with a heavy clicking sound but this takes force.


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        Is it possible for the engine to be “slightly” in gear? The engine always starts just fine. It wouldn’t be able to start if it were in gear.


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          The no start in gear is determined at the shifter not the motor so yes it's possible. If it's not adjusted correctly then it could be partially in gear at the motor but in neutral at the helm. If it goes into reverse as far back from center as it is forward of center when it goes into forward it's probably adjusted right