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C10 display problem

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  • C10 display problem

    The c10 on my 2017 90hp is not displaying engine data, only dashes for most of the engine data though I am getting water pressure. I reset the gauge once already and it worked for a few weeks then failed again. Auto detect no longer fixes the problem and on the devices page there is no engine listed as a devise. Got any advise? I have already checked connections.

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    Suggest change the T pieces that the gauge and the interface cable are connected to.

    Did you check the interface cable connections at both ends - to the network T and to the engine harness?


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      Thank you for the very quick reply. I will change the T pieces as suggested and will update you as to whether or not it works. I have not located a junction between the cable that comes off the Tís and the engine harness. I assumed this would be one undivided cable coming directly from the engine harness to the T bar where all the other components of the NMEA system connect.