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Sudden hard forward shift 2015 df140a

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  • Sudden hard forward shift 2015 df140a

    After 10 days of boating, and about 10 miles of running with multiple stops, forward shifting became very difficult at the end of the day as I docked.Throttle works normally; shift into reverse is normal. Any ideas why the shift mechanism would suddenly bind with no gradual increase in shift difficulty? Side binnacle.

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    Pull the cable off at the motor end and try it again, you need to sort out if something in the gear case went south or just the shifter/cable. If it's the gear case you'll want to fix it and not run it, you could move from a few hundred in repairs to a couple G's.. Odds are something let loose in the shifter, cotter pin out, loose bolt etc catching on something.


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      Strange. I tried again the following day and it shifted normally.


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        Could be one of the bushings
        Regards, Martin
        DF200 2007