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    Hello all... I am new to the forum, so please delete if not allowed. I currently own a Mercury 250xs and the powerhead let go. I am in the market for a Suzuki DF250SS and was wondering if anybody had done any business with International Marine Service. They quoted a good price including the shipping. I appreciate any advice. Thanks again to you all.


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    I used them to repower in 2014. They are pretty good! If you are having them ship to u it's a great price, if they are also rigging get all items to be done in writing and have any add ons approved by you. I am extremely happy but there were some things I didn't approve to be done and other items that should of been done properly or addressed that weren't.


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      I would be having it shipped. I live in Oklahoma. It just seems hard to get a hold of them.


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        I have bought parts from them. Cheapest around. If you leave a message they will call back.