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2007 DF140 cuts out at higher RPMS?

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  • 2007 DF140 cuts out at higher RPMS?

    My DF140 starts great, runs great, sounds great..Until- I run it at over 4400 RPMs then it will "cut-out" and will return to lower RPMs, but not quit running. If I then return to RPMs lower than 4400 it will run all day without an issue. I have tried new gas, replaced the water separator cartridge and cleaned the bowl, Checked the fuel lines and primer bulb, Replaced low pressure fuel filter, Replaced spark plugs. The motor does not seem hot and there are no warning lights or buzzers. This started suddenly and not over a period of time...Any ideas??

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    Update..I called the dealership (4 hr. drive for me) and they said most likely the high pressure fuel filter, anyone done this?


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      itís not that difficult to do with having s little mechanical ability
      however get a service manual


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        I will get the filter. Already have the SM, but all it says is replace every 1000 hrs.- no info on how to do it..


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          Update...Well, I did 3 things yesterday,,got the high pressure fuel filter and installed that (easy, but should have had special clamp pliers). Drained the FVST float bowl (easy) and as I was removing the engine housing to access the FVST I saw that my fuel line coming from the primer bulb was pinched were it comes into the motor housing in the front of the motor. Then I took her out for a water test and everything was just fine. Problem solved!!, But I'm not sure witch procedure did the fix. But all good now...