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DF2.5 wont idle

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  • DF2.5 wont idle

    Brand new Suzuki DF2.5 Will start on throttle start position, but when throttle is released and allowed to return to lowest (Idle) position it stalls out. I am not understanding the symbols on the twist throttle as it is not explained in the manual although it does show the start position. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Haven't checked in for a bit... I have a '15 DF2.5. I think what you're seeing is common until the engine is fully warmed up. I run mine in a bucket roughly once a month (it's a kicker and doesn't get much use on the water)... It takes mine about 5 minutes of running (with hand on the throttle) to get to idling warmth. Have you run it out on the water? The times I do this (just to get some run hours on), it warms up quickly under load... Then it will idle fine.