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Trouble performing oil change

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  • Trouble performing oil change

    I'm trying to change the oil in a 2005 DF60 and having trouble getting the oil to drain out. I hooked up the motor to water supply and ran it until the discharge felt warm. When I first removed the oil drain plug oil started to drain (slowly) and soon stopped completely. It was rather cool out that day but what do I need to do to get it to drain normally? Do I need to get the motor to a certain temperature?

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    Not sure the volume of oil that you were able to drain. Have you tries pushing monofilament fishing line in the drain hole? Low pressure air injected in drain may unclog any restriction. How many hours of run time since last oils change? Heading the oil sump with heat lamp will thin the oil and should improve flow. Does the dip stick show any oil in sump? Make sure engine in down position when draining oil.


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      You have removed the oil filler cap when you drain the oil, right? If not, then do that. You might have a clogged crankcase breather tube.
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        what was he oil level to start with?
        dont know your model specifically so how many quarts does the specs show it should have? and how quarts flowed out?
        and lastly I think if you tilt the engine slightly you should get a bit more oil to flow out
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          Really offbeat possibility, but, you are removing the engine oil plug, not the gear case?