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DF150- all tach alarms going off

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  • DF150- all tach alarms going off

    Anyone ever haven an issue where all alarms on your tachometer start going off at once, intermittently?

    My Suzuki DF 150 has the chk engine/oil/temp/rev limiter lights on the tach and they will all start going off while i'm on plane and i have to de-throttle and i can't throttle up and go again.
    If i shut the boat off for a period of time like 20-30 min and fish and then crank up and go, they don't come on again most of the time.
    The oil has been changed, thermostat good, water pump and components all good so it seems like one of those one-off intermittent issues. Even had a dealer look at and say they've never heard of this(which isn't good LOL)
    Just seeing if anyone has heard of this.

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    Well, intermittent situations like this are usually electrical in nature. A bad or loose connector, damaged wiring, corroded connections, either in the harness, or the battery terminals. These are often difficult to isolate, and may well be problems at multiple locations in your electrical system. So just methodically go about inspecting your entire electrical system. Start with battery terminals and cables, or the start switch, or the plug in the back of the tach. But whatever inspection path you choose, make sure that you don't overlook anything.
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      I agree with Mike (Harper). 100%.

      Do all he said, plus, take a special look at the white wire, it should be connected to the start battery or master battery switch + side. This wire is critical as it piwers the ecu, so check its connection, check for corrosion in that wire. If its connected to the starter motor positive terminal on the engine then that is wrong and causes problems.

      I am surprised your dealer said they had no idea. The symptoms are typical of an electrical issue as Mike said and what he suggested is exactly what any experienced Suzuki dealer would say first up.
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        Thanks guys much appreciated.


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          Let us know what you find. Thanks.
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