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O2 sensor

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  • O2 sensor

    Hi All
    Long time since I was able get online
    SUZUKI 2014 DF300AP I AM GETTING A 3-6 CODE I have the manual it states 3-6 code is O2 sensor, I can not find it. It only goes off during idle
    Busy time for dealer to do the work, so if it's not difficult I'll try it
    Any help would be great
    Thank you

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    Talk to your dealer, it should be replaced under warranty, there was an issue with the design, and a new model sensor released. Easy to replace.


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      thank you Grant
      I'll have to chat with him. I have the service manual for the engine, but could not find location on the engine. I will ask him to get one for me. With 2 weeks left in my fishing season I figured, if it is an easy fix I would do it, rather than me unplugging the buzzer. the 3-6 code comes up on the gauges but does not affect performance.


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        Yes, there is no drama running, all it does is stop the lean burn mode so may use a little more fuel.