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2010 DF15 Issues

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  • 2010 DF15 Issues

    Hi All,

    Apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge but any help greatly received.

    I have a 2010 DF15 which I obtained last year with a new boat. I had an issue with it not pumping water so had a full service, new impeller, oil, gear oil etc. and the engine ran fine.

    After a short while the control unit began beeping but there seemed to be no obvious pattern to try and diagnose if it is a fault code. It would almost chirp constantly when running but other than occasionally the revs dropping out it ran fine ( and would restart with the electric start no issues). I took the control unit apart to see if there was a loose connection or something along those lines that may have been causing the noise but all seemed fine.

    The engine continued to work until I noticed on the volt meter on the boat that the engine was no longer charging the battery when in use. The electric start then stopped working although the battery is still charged and reading at 12Volts. The manual start worked fine but the engine began cutting out occasionally whilst in gear.

    I stopped using the boat for a few weeks until I had an opportunity to take it out of the water, When I went to do so the manual start was also difficult and the engine would cut out when put in gear.

    Just wondered if there was any advice or things I can easily check other than the obvious ( fuel in, fresh fuel, air intake open, fuel hose, kill chord etc.)

    Thanks in advance for the help.