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  • I need help

    I'm posting this for my dad. He has suzuki DF25 4 stroke he had a few issues, when he turn the engine on it works fine but when he set it to march (go) the oil lamp turned on also the water comes out of it cold and the engine turns hot

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    I'm still waiting for response please someone reply and give some advice, thanks in advance


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      You havent given us much info to go on. You must realise that as we cannot see or hear the engine, the more comprehensive info that can be provided, the better.

      what have you done so far to try to diagnose and rectify the problem? This saves us from guessing what has been done already and wasting your and our time suggesting things that have already been tried.

      When was this engine last serviced??

      When was the water pump last replaced? What about the thermostat - has it been removed since the problem happened to check the condition, and tested to ensure it opens and closes as expected? These would be the first things to consider with an engine that is overheating.

      Also, when was the engine oil and filter last replaced? Should be an annual job.

      These engines give fault codes either as beeps or a series of flashes on the tacho or tiller arm lights - are any such fault codes showing?


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        Cold water coming from pee hole, and hot engine, It suspect the thermostat. If the pee streams is weak, change the impeller.

        I don't know much about the 4 strokes, but if the oil light in coming on, check the oil level. The manual might give an indication whether it will light for other conditions.