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My trim and tilt doesn't work

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  • My trim and tilt doesn't work

    I have a DF 175 2014. First day it was slow going down, Then it wouldnt go up or down... it just clicked on up or down. Now I have nothing up or down with no clicking. Your thoughts?


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    How is your battery? First check the connections to the starter motor, then back to the relays. See if the voltage drops below 11 or 10 volts when you operate the switch. So, volt meter on the starter and press the up/down. Write down the voltage before the button press and during. Then the same all the way back to the battery.

    Does your motor starts and run normally?
    Regards, Martin
    DF200 2007


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      Brand new battery. It starts fine and runs fine. How do you meter or even get to the relays? thank you.............


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        I disconnected the green and blues wire coming from the relay. I put power to the green and blue wire....nothing happens.


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          Find the 2 wires that go to the trim/tilt motor. With test light or multi meter (DO NOT PUNCTURE WIRE INSULATION) ck at connector for power while pushing tilt/trim switch up or down, if you have power at these 2 wires the motor itself may be the problem. The relays switch these wires from hot to ground to make the motor run CW or CCW when #1 wire is hot the other #2 becomes ground & visa versa.
          Or you could disconnect these two motor wires and ground one, & supply 12V to the other & the motor should run one way, then reverse wires motor should run the other way if not you have a motor problem.


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            The White Wire Power Failure sticky mentions trim/tilt issues, might be worth considering.


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              Update. The trim motor was bad. Hoping its under warranty.


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                same thing happened to me on my 2012.