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Suzuku multigauge ERROR.

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  • Suzuku multigauge ERROR.

    HI to all.
    Please help me sort the problem. My dinghy Highfiled installed DF30A with remote controls and Suzuki multigauge 34011-96L10-000.
    NEMA2000 network and GPS. With cables like show in diagram. But after all connected it no-matter what shows error eror.jpg

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    It may be an installation issue. Are all un-used ports on the back of the gauge covered with caps? If any water gets into the plugs you can get communications errors.

    Also, make sure plugs are firmly plugged in, as loose plugs can also cause communications errors.

    So, carefully check those things.

    You did not tell us much about history of this boat - was the gauge working properly at any time? Is it a new installation or ???

    Also, this is very important to know! What year model is your engine? Those Suzuki gauges will not work with engines earlier than 2015.


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      Engine is 2017 Year made. Dinghy was used.


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        And answers to my other questions are ....?

        Was the engine and gauge installled by a Suzuki dealer? If so, it is the dealerís responsibility to make it work.