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Nmea fuel remaining resets

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  • Nmea fuel remaining resets

    had everything nmea working great for over a year. 07 df175 displaying on a elite 7ti. The only thing I have done recently is change the battery switch out since the old one failed. The old switch was a 1-2-both-off type. The new one is blue seas on-off-both type with an acr. I made sure the Suzuki white wire is still straight into the battery. My issue is that the fuel remaining on my mfd resets to full or 85 gallons when I turn the blue seas switch to off. If I leave the switch on I can restart the outboard all day and continue counting down the fuel. Any ideas why this is an issue now?

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    What make/model MFD are we talking about?


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      Lowrance Elite 7 TI. I did recall resetting the "Fuel Used Trip" and "Fuel Used Season" before Friday's trip. I did turn the battery on yesterday in the driveway and hooked up the mfd just to see what happens and it actually showed ~75 gallons left which showed I did burn some fuel while out Saturday.
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        Likely a data source issue, so check the data source for the fuel used figure you are seeing.

        Or just try doing a auto select for data sources.

        I dont see why turning the main battery switch off would reset fuel used to zero. The fuel figure is retained in the interface memory module. If you want to check further, with engine key turned on, open the network menu in the Lowrance, then the device list, then select the Suzuki device and then select data, it should then list all available data including fuel used.


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          Do you think possibly everything got reset when I undid all the battery cables when I installed the new battery switch and ACR??


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            More likely it got a power spike and that may have done it.

            If its working again just keep an eye on it.


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              Took the boat out Saturday, its been about 3 weeks since I last ran it on the water. MFD shows full fuel(85 gallons) when I cranked it up even though I haven't added any. I'm guessing it should be around 50 gallons actual. Any advice on how this can be resolved? Throughout the day the fuel use counted down normally even after multiple ignition cycles (ACR battery switch in the ON position all day).
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                Do this check check and see what you find...

                turn engine key on. Turn Lowrance on. In the Lowrance menu: go

                menu/system/network/device list. Select the Suzuki device and open it. Then select data. This opens a screen up showing all current data from the interface. How much fuel remaining does it show there?


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                  I got around to hooking the MFD up this weekend and took the following pictures of the device list menu item you requested. I noticed the fuel remaining saved from the last outing. I also charged the starting and house battery separately and then checked again if the fuel remaining reset to 85 gallons(thinking maybe a power spike from charging is causing the issue). Clueless as to what caused it to reset before my last trip out. I'll keep an eye on to see if I can figure out what is triggering the fuel reset.
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                    Ok, I am now strongly suspecting a data sources issue. Or something weird in the Elite itself!

                    Open the Lowrance screen that you normally have fuel remaining shown on.

                    Select edit overlay data and select the fuel remaining item, and look at its data source. It should probably be under Vessel and should say Global. If you reset it to global, the figure you see there should then align with the amount used as per the Suzuki interface data page.

                    Did you already try doing an auto-select for data sources are per my post # 4? Make sure engine key is on and all other devices on the network are also on.

                    Last suggestion - try doing a soft reset on the Elite unit. A soft reset does not erase all your waypoints and settings but it is nevertheless VERY WISE to back them up to a SD card before doing the unit reset. The soft reset basically reboots the Elite’s software and can fix weird missing data as well. If you google you will find out how to do the reset.

                    There is also a hard reset, you could try that if the soft reset doesnt help but if definitely wipes the unit and puts it back to factory settings, so its critical to do the waypoints and settings first!. Hard reset clears all cache and reboots software, it is also something worth doing after any software updates are installed.