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Df225 Loose - Sloppy from side to side

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  • Df225 Loose - Sloppy from side to side

    At idle my df225s shake back and forth. If you push from side to side there is a lot of play. Steering arm isnít moving but motor can shake back and forth. Has new upper mount. What do I need to do to correct this? Motors have 2000 hours.

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    from looking at my DF175, the only thing I can think of is connector between the hydraulic steering unit and engine.
    with that many hours I would suspect the connector is badly worn
    If you get someone to move the engine from side to side and look under the front at that union, it would be my guess it will be real obvious


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      So when we shake slightly the steering arm remains stationary and the motor wobbles on the mounts...


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        take a look at the swivel bracket

        I can not tell from the parts page how it ho


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          upon a closer look the tongue that fastens to the top of the drive shaft
          the back side if that bolts to the oil pan
          it appears to be some type of rubberized shock absorbent material
          however there is a rubber bumper between the outside of that connector and the engine housing
          without that bumper it would be very sloppy


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            Correct. The rubber mounts you speak of in the oil pan are new. Iím wondering if replacing the lower mounts would help. When you shake the motor it moves back and forth maybe 1Ē-2Ē


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              my 175 has maybe 1/4 inch clearance at the most
              did you have the power head off at some point and maybe these were replaces with the wrong part?
              1 to 2 inches is gross and probably dangerous
              I would think over extending/over flexing those mounting bolts is going to weaken them to the point of breaking at some point
              visit your service manual to see how difficult the are going to be to replace