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Accuracy fuel consumption (DF115A) ?

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  • Accuracy fuel consumption (DF115A) ?

    How accurate is the fuel consumption info on the multi function display ?
    I'm noticing several liters difference between what the display says, and the liters from the pump to top-off the tank.


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    Its usually very accurate.

    Have you tried calibrating it a few times?


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      I'm not sure what you mean with calibrating or how thats done, but I reset the counter after topping off the tank.


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        If you have Suzuki SMIS or C-10 system gauges, the fuel data accuracy is usually spot on, but if its not, when you do the refuel process, you have the option to calibrate the system to improve accuracy. Done a few times, calibration will get it to close to 100% accurate.

        If you are outside the USA them most installations post 2015 with digital gauges will use the Suzuki OEM gauge, and this is 98 - 100% accurate all the time.

        The greatest cause of variation between what the gauge says and what is put in at the gas station is going to be one of two things -

        1. Not filling up at the same gas station/pump - because the angle of the boat on the trailer changes and thus the tank is filled to a different level. So it appears that the system is out when it isn’t.

        2. Leaving several weeks between when the boat was last used and when you refill the tank - because a half or more empty tank will lose a surprising amount of fuel due to evaporations- up to 5% per week in some climatic conditions. To truly test accuracy, you must fill up on the way home from the trip to eliminate evaporation from the equation.

        So, where do you live, and what gauges do you have? The SMIs/C-10, or the Suzuki OEM gauges supplied outside the USA since 2015?
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          It's this model >

          I fill up the boat when it's in the water, every time to a couple of cm's beneath the fuel tank cap opening.

          My regular fuel station always pumps more liters than the engine consumption says; but the opposite happened at another station I used last weekend.


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            That is the new (from 2015) Suzuki OEM gauge.

            The system it works with is very accurate.

            More than likely that the difference you have found is due to the factors I mentioned earlier. Which is confirmed by your last comment.


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              There's one other cause I can think of:
              engine gauge is fine, but the fuel pump meters are inaccurate..


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                Originally posted by Vronsky View Post
                There's one other cause I can think of:
                engine gauge is fine, but the fuel pump meters are inaccurate..
                Nah - you are incorrectly assuming that the data going to the gauges comes from the “fuel pump meters”, whatever they might be.

                The data is actually coming from the engines ecu (computer) which is controlling how much fuel is injected. Multiple sensors on the engine inform the ecu of operating conditions, which determines how much fuel the ecu then tells the fuel injectors to inject.