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2018 outboard won't run

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  • 2018 outboard won't run

    Hey guys,
    I am a new member here. I bought a DF20a with electric spring of last year. I am new to owning a boat and outboard motor. I have about 20 hours on the motor. Last time I was on the water, it just stopped running and wouldn't start again.

    I have the motor on a 130 inch inflatable boat. I think with me and 2 other guys, the boat weights 500lbs and planes nicely.

    I will list everything that happened as am not sure which is relevant.

    1. When I 1st got, I ran it for about 1-2 minutes without oil. the reason was the oil that usually comes in the box was missing and saw some oil residue so I thought someone might have already put that in already. I then checked and realized the stupid mistake and then put oil in. I used 5w30 instead of 10w30.

    2. I installed a tachometer (but I now I think I might have installed it incorrectly)

    3. the 1st time i took the boat out, I hit a big rock that chipped the prop. It's not a really bad one but it chipped one the blades.

    4. I ran the motor at low throttle for about 10 hours. I stayed around 2k rpm. But I think it might be 4k instead since i might have installed the tach wrong. I was gentle with it regardless. It's a inflatable fishing boat so never did anything crazy or went full throttle.

    5. Last couple of times I took the boat out, the boat would suddenly turn when planning. It's hard to describe. Kind of like getting a front flat tire suddenly and then the car takes a turn. I was worried that I just slowed down so I can control it. I checked the bottom of the boat to see if anything was wrong but everything seemed fine.

    6. Last time I went out with the family as soon as we got in and fired it up it just stopped a few yards off of the launch spot.

    Also things to note:
    - During the 1st 8 months of owning it, I just stored it laying on the side with the "this side up" side being up.
    - Took it off the boat and stored it on a stand during the winter. without doing anything special.
    - I never drained the fuel out of it before laying it on the ground ever. I realized I had to, after I reread the manual.

    Now it just doesn't run. I checked the fuel line and it seems to be working and pin thing thats on the motor side, shoots gas when i press it. So fuel must be getting to it.

    I am decent with cars and motorcycles but I have no idea what to even start troubleshooting when it comes to outboards. Can someone please help me figure this thing out?