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  • Suzuki SDS diagnostic tool

    So I bought the SDS, but I can't get it to find the database file. I can see .dbf files in the DB folder on the genuine suzuki disk that I have, but I can't get it to load. I've tried Windows 10, Windows 7, compatibility modes every which way.
    I've even downloaded another .dbf file that someone uploaded in the forum, I just can't get it to work. Does anyone know the trick?

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    I think I've confirmed that I'm able to connect to the motor. Changing to any com except 1 and it gives me an error. I think I'm connected, it just doesn't know what to do without a database.


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      Can't tell that its needed? Does all its supposed to as far as I can tell. If you ever figure it out let me know :-)


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        Interesting. I can't do an F1, or open the main menu. It's grayed out, I figured it was waiting for the database.


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          Can you connect, I believe you won't get a menu unless you are connected.


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            I don't get the error screen where you have to "reset" when I have the cord plugged in and on com1. If I either switch to com3 or unplug it I get the error when I bring up the program.

            I'm plugging into the gray plug on the front starboard under the cowling, I have to unplug it to plug in the sds, this is correct right?

            I tried a laptop with windows vista tonight, so I was able to try xp compatibility mode also.


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              on my df50 the plug is above the ecu on the right, it has a cap over it you must remove to get to it. hope that helps.


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                Did you resolve the database error? I have purchased 2 different SDS cables and software and exact same issue with both. I also am confident the SDS is communicating with the engine, but can't access any functions due to the database error. I'm working with one of the SDS vendors now so I'll post if I find a solution.


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                  SDS Problems

                  Has ANYONE been able to get this system to work???
                  Mine will not establish contact with the engine after numerous tries, with variations, no luck. I'm using the right plugs, procedure, etc, just will not recognize engine and connect. I have a 2011 DF90A and without this tool, I am helpless.
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                    I assume you have the port on laptop as com 1? Once I changed it my DF50 was able to connect and I could perform all functions and see data. I don't know what the deal is with the database file part not working but as far as I can tell its not needed. gl


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                      A few pointers for the SDS install. You have to be sure your .dbf files are in the following position ..... C:Users>Public>Public Documents>SDS>DB>Sys
                      When you open the Sys file, you should see all your .dbf files. If you have any on the disc that are not in the sys file, copy them from the disc and paste into the sys file. If any of your switches at the top of the SDS page are grayed out, you are not properly connected. Most likely a bad install or some items (such as database files) did not transfer from the disc during the install,

                      With most dongles, you must use Com1 or Com2. You can change that in the Device Manager with the dongle plugged in to your computer. You don't have not be connected to the motor but must have the cable plugged in to the computer.
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                        Thanks Harper for the thoughts. For me, I had the exact same experience with dongles & disks from 2 separate vendors and both tried on 2 different laptops (win 7 and 10). Both installed just fine, port set to com 1 and database files in the directory you mentioned. I even copied the dbf files into every subfolder of the SDS installation for good measure.

                        I was confident my SDS software was communicating with the engine. I tried it with the key off and it gave me a screen to diagnose the communication problem. With power on, I no longer received that screen but rather got the database error.

                        The second SDS vendor told me my engine was too new for the database version. My engine is indeed just a few months old. So I have no way to know if that is true.

                        I took my boat to a suzuki service location for the 20 hour service and I asked for an SDS printout to confirm the hours for my records. They told me they can't print a report but they can read the hours. In the end, my service invoice had a statement something like "Customer's motor has exactly 20 hours at the time of service". That is what my estimate was, but I have no way of knowing if their factory SDS was actually able to read the engine or they just added that because I asked them to.

                        So that's the extent of what I can add. I know it doesn't help much. For me, I will keep looking for a change in database version and give it another go. My boat doesn't have an hour meter so I was hopeful to use the SDS.


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                          has anyone ever resolved this "Database file is not found on disk." error?
                          If so, how?
                          I've tried everything mentioned above many times.
                          I'm running SDS v 8.0 on an XP laptop and everything installs but the DB.
                          (I've not actually tried to hook it up to my DF30A to see if that makes any difference) (but why would a particular engine be required to install the software?)


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                            I have now tried 3 aftermarket systems on 3 different computers, none worked, all failed as above. One was even a "professionally" preloaded note book. All were returned for refund. I think they are all pirated and Suzuki has a proprietary defense system to keep other companies from stealing their software, so only genuine dealer SDS works.
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                              HeyMikey1, if you have a tach, you have an hour meter.. Suzi's give you hours in 10hr increments on the tach.. Turn your key on but not to start the tach will jump up to an RPM for a few seconds after the initial beep then drop back to 0.. If it jumps to say 1200rpm, you have 120hrs, 3100rpm = 310hrs etc.. Can't remember what it does for over 600hrs but it does that too.

                              I do have an SDS adapter for my DF140a but haven't tried it and boat is in storage. They are simply an ELM327 style interface with a Suzy plug instead of a cars plug. Suzy's run OBDM which is the same as a modern cars OBD2 except 'marine'.. While I haven't tried my SDS kit (ebay, russia I think) I can tell you with the ELM adapters I've used for cars, some are a prick for baud rate. If on the wrong port, you get com error, if on right port but wrong baud rate it knows it's connected so no com error but it can't read data so it hangs.