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Df20, start evertime but then....

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  • Df20, start evertime but then....

    I need help!

    I have a 2016 DF 20A outboard tiller.
    This thing has never failed me until recently..

    Setting ready for summer.
    I normally use the boat at least twice a month. But this time is has been sitting for about 2 months.

    So I rpeleaced the fuel with new fuel before the trip out.

    Everything seemed fine but when idling out of the no wake zone about 5-10 min. It started running rough, engine lite came on (no flashing) and there was a lot of tiller vibration.

    We killed the engine, restarted and everything seen normal again, but again 5 min and the same symptom

    Regardless we packed up and headed home.

    I get the same behavior here at home. It does not matter it I'm at idle or with throttle
    I have tested everything I know how to test and have done the following:
    oil change,
    new few filter (internal)
    New fuel water separator external to engine
    New fuel lines and bulb (from the 3 gal portable tank)
    new connectors on tank and engine
    Ran some sea foam through it.
    I tried running it was the file cap loose
    I don't see the bulb changin much (it does get a little softer but doesn't collapse) and have tried to pump it while it was happening but nothing it helping

    The motor is still under warrently and I have an apt with the service center next month.

    Besides the fact that I don't want to be down any longer.

    Am I missing something stupid? Any and all thoughts are welcome,,,

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    The other thing you could check is the spark plugs. See how they look and it might provide some clues. Also did you check the lower unit oil?


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      Hi Ollie366,
      Appreciate the reply! I checked and replaced the plugs.
      The lower one had a bit of wet oil on it.
      The upper was a bit black, but no wet oil.

      It fire up better and ran fine for 7 min, but same problem came back

      I have not checked the Lower case oil recently ( 6-8 months it was changed), I'll checking it tomorrow in the day light.

      If you think of anything else please let me know,



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        I think you have to clean the carbs ultrasonic. 9 out of 10 that solves the problems.
        Regards, Martin
        DF200 2007


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          Hey Campbell, did you find the issue with your motor? Mine is doing the exact same.