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Twin Fuel Tanks - how to wire gauges

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  • Twin Fuel Tanks - how to wire gauges

    I have a single DF300 on a 22' deck boat with twin 110 liter fuel tanks. There are two fuel gauges but my problem is that both fuel gauges read the same tank. The only fix that the dealer could find was to run wires from the fuel tank sender units to a rocker switch (two in - one out) the result being that both gauges still only read one tank and when wanting to read the other tank, you have switch the rocker over to the other tank. Whilst this works, it's not ideal and I'd like to have each gauge read one tank separately, so I can see the level of both tanks separately. The fuel gauges used are 34300-98J10.

    Anyone got any ideas?



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    The fuel tank sender lead should connect to sender post(or lead) on fuel gauge, like in port fuel tank sender connected to port fuel gauge and starboard tank sender to starboard fuel gauge, if wired that way they should only read the tank they are connected to.
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