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Old 10-14-2011, 09:57 PM
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Default 2008 df150 waterpump change time

Hi guys, new to the board and need help changing my waterpump. I am at 200 hours and want to change the water pump like my owners manual says to. I am pretty good at wrenching and never try anything new without a manual. I will buy a manual soon for $70 but in the meantime is there any links to this anywhere and can I find a cheaper manual. Thanks for any help.

2008 proline 20ft sport.
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Old 10-15-2011, 11:34 AM
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$70 is about the average for a good service manual. If you call at 877-408-1499 and give the the following part number you can get that manual for $62.22 +sh.
part number: 99500-96J02-01E
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Old 10-16-2011, 09:13 PM
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Water pump R&R is pretty straightforward. Remove the six bolts holding lower unit to mid unit (3 per side) also remove trim tab and underneath you'll find the 7th bolt that needs removing. For whatever reason, the trim tab bolt was pretty hard to remove (turned out to be a problem). Put motor in neutral. Lower unit drops down faily easy, driveshaft and all.... probably weighs 30# or so. After you drop it down a couple inches, disconnect speedo tube, and pull shift rod off lower unit, then down the lower unit on down. Undo the four bolts on the pump and pull the case off. Pull the impeller up off the driveshaft. The inner sleeve in my pump case was very hard to remove. The manual says to use a little waterproof grease on inner sleeve to ease installation. My inner sleeve was glued in by the factory, with something resembling RTF silicone, which is why it was so difficult to remove. It's got to come out to replace the rubber seal. New gasket, new base plate, new impeller on driveshaft (don't forget the key), lightly grease inside of inner sleeve put pump case on and turn driveshaft clockwise as you seat the case in place (sets impeller blades in right direction) bolt it down. Manual calls for 12.5 ft lbs on pump bolts. Slide the driveshaft back up into motor, reconnect everything, bolt it up. 40 ft lbs on six side bolts, 60 ft lbs on the 7th bolt (books says to use some silicone sealer on these 7 bolts). Replace trim tab. Now as to that trim tab bolt. It was strangely tight coming out. When I went to put it in (stupid me, should've lubed it or something) it would not tighten down completely. Still had at least 1/8th inch before firming up on the tab, so I started unscrewing it. It gradually got harder and harder to UNscrew, and suddenly snapped the head off the bolt. So be forewarned if yours is tight coming out in the first place. Get the manual . If you're going to do any of the maintenance yourself, it's worth the price.
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