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ACEJDP 09-17-2012 10:06 PM

Df 250 alarm code 1-4
I was trying to find out what the Code 1-4 indicates
I was off shore about fifty miles out when my Port motor quit. The gages said port over-heating.
Raised port and trolled for about one hour, Gage
Said over heated 260º motor would not start. Headed home. Two hrs later - motor reading 260º
??? Full Speed ahead that’s 1 motor @ 250 hp + 33 ft. Proline Boat = 10 MPH. Into our 4th hour try, the motor, She fires up now we do 45 MPH back to port. Service tec. Says may be the thermostats.
Change them and back out to Sea. 50 miles out and port motor quits. This time gage reads 1-4
10 MPH all the way in, Tyr it at the dock and she fires up.


kmoose 09-18-2012 12:38 PM

Was the motor really overheating? Pumping water? Steam? Warmer to touch then the other motor? If not, it could be a bad temp sensor giving the ecm bad info.

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