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Old 10-08-2017, 06:16 PM
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Default 2007 SMIS gauge interphase adapter for 2017 DF 250

What adapter do I need to connect my old round style interphase cable to my new 2017 DF 250 engine looks like I need 990C0-88035 but want to be sure .
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Old 10-08-2017, 10:47 PM
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I would really recommend you strongly consider getting a new interface cable and new C-10 gauges (assuming you are in the USA).

I will explain why:

1. The cables do not last forever. Corrosion eventually gets into the plugs or the memory module and they fail.

2. As you know, the round connector wont fit, and I am not sure if the adapter cable you listed will work. It is intended to work the other way around - ie to connect a new interface cable to an old engine's round SDS plug. Never seen one that is designed to work the way you need - if you want to go that way, suggest you check with the supplier that you buy it from as to whether it might work. Never heard of anyone trying it the way you have in mind.

3. The new engine will require Interface cable running software version 3.5.0 and we have found that upgrading old cables to the new version generally does not work satisfactorily. The dealers that I know all use new interface cables that come loaded with V 3.5.0 when they do repowers with new motors.

You could try updating the old cable with a new version of V 3.5.0 that a member of this forum kindly provided. I have not tested this personally so no guarantees if it will work with one of those very old cables like yours. I have just posted a link to dropbox, where you can download it to a SD card and then use a Navico MFD on your network to upload it to the cable.

You cant open this file, just copy it to a suitable SD card.

4. If you are keeping old SMIS gauges, you will also need to update them to a version of the SMIS software to be compatible with the new engine and cable software. Even with updated software, the old SMIS gauges can be problematic and many dealers refuse to connect new engines to old SMIS gauges due to that.

In other words, it is nowhere near as simple as just getting an adapter cable and connecting to the new engine. You are trying to make old outdated technology (your cable and SMIS gauges) play with the newest, latest technology and it just isnt very straightforward or without problems.

You need the whole setup to work together, so
1. A cable running sw that is compatible with your engine year
2. Gauges that are compatible first to the interface software and secondly to the engine year.

Here is some more info to read and resources:

Suzuki | Lowrance
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