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DF225 Engine Interface Cable

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    I hooked up to my neighbor's Simrad and I believe I was able to calibrate it to my DF225. I believe I have the right software version already installed. Here's what it looks like. Also the fuel burn came down. Does that look within reason? fuel burn 1.jpegfuel burn 2.jpegGarmin 1.jpg


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      Software is good.

      When you said “calibrate” it to the 225, you really meant “configure” it right? You would have selected the CONFIGURE button on that screen, then used the dropdowns to set engine year, hp and location, right? Thats what configuring correctly involves.

      The fuel flow looks good now at a glance. You can test fuel data accuracy by starting with a full tank, running the engine long enough to burn say a quarter tank minimum then refilling to compare what the system says was used and what the actual it took at the pump was. If they match then its perfect. If its within 2% its still perfect, if its 2-8% out, then you can use the Calibrate option in the Simrad’s refuel menu to fix it.

      if the fuel used is accurate, so is the fuel flow rate because they are all derived from the same source and are inextricably linked.


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        Yes - should have used "configure". Was pretty straight forward. Pulled my boat up next to hers and ran a cable from my network to her unit. On a somewhat related topic, I was quizzing my local Suzuki mechanic about gauges for this engine, and he suggested a Lowrance LMF-400. Do you have any knowledge of this gauge?


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          I am reliably informed that Noah used LMF400’s on the Ark lol

          They are so old and dated ….

          Suzuki had a customised version called the SMIS gauges. They are round monochrome displays with a clunky not very intuitive interface but they do most of the things needed. You can “flash” a LMF400 with the Suzuki SMIS software to give it the ability to show the Suzuki fault codes etc. again it needs the Simrad to upload the software.

          If you are considering a stand alone gauge for the engine data you’d be better off getting a Suzuki C-10. Pretty much plug it into the network and go. They say officially that it works with later engines but plenty of people have them attached to much earlier engines like yours and they are working just fine.