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  • NMEA Network Power

    Hi I am looking to add the NMEA network to allow connection of a GPS PUC, hopefully this will give me more functionality from the multi function gauge. I have a network starter kit and I am fine with all the connections on the right highlighted by the yellow marker. My question is how do i connect the power supply for the network (highlighted here in red) is it obvious which cables i connect to and what type of connector is needed. the boat is not local to me so want to ensure everything i need when i travel down this week.

    I recall seeing the type of connectors in the 2nd picture circled in blue, are they what i connect too ??

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    Answered on your other post.


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      Moonlighter I have a question, I have completed the installation now and believe i have to go in to the SMG4 menu and turn off speed sensor so it will recognize the GPS input and look for water speed sensor. When i access the menus it displays "revise initial setting" and then ask you to confirm revise initial settings, if I do this to access the speed setting will it delete all the original settings such as fuel etc ? I only want to change the one setting to allow the GPS to work. I hope that makes some sense, just concerned I do not want to have to revise or renew all the setting currently in the SMG


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        As far as I know it will only change things that you actually change. Not reset everything.


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          OK Thanks for the info


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            Hi (Moonlighter I hope you see this). I have followed the advice provided and added a network, GPS Puck, powered it up, turned off the water sensor setting and still do not get a speed reading on the SMG4. can you offer any suggestions to what I may have missed ? or what I need to check for fault finding ? once again really appreciate any advice you may have. TIA


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              Have you got any other screens on the network? If so I would check the network device list to see if the network bus is turned on and if all expected devices are visible on the netwoek, including the SMG4. Engine key will of course need to be turned on.


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                Hi, no other screens on the network, is there a way to check the device list on the SMG4 ?


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                  Not that I know of. Which is why is suggested checking on another screen. If you have any other display eg sonar/chartplotter, can you temporarily connect that to the network and check?

                  All I can suggest is to be absolutely certain that the network power is on (check the fuse in the network power node + wire too) and the bus is active, the usual reason for such problems is a network issue - eg network is not powered on, a bad network cable or T, or puck faulty.

                  I think that SMG will show GPS position on one of the pages if it is receiving a GPS signal from the network.