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Battery Power Issue

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  • Battery Power Issue

    I have twin 2016 Suzuki 300s. The port motor wouldn't start today. Motor was cranking, just not starting. Got a low voltage engine alarm. Battery is fully charged and battery tested good under load. Power connections on the motor are tight and immaculately clean. Any ideas?

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    Find the white wire connection to the battery, undo, inspect connectors and the wire for damage, check the inline fuse and the fuse holder.


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      All connections/fuses are good. On a whim I swapped batteries and the port and starboard motors started no issues. Later in the cruise the port motor shut off on its own. Would start but RPM limited after that. I’m getting error codes w-4 and 3-2 (3-2 comes with a “check throttle system” message).


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        Multiple false codes and starting/running issues are very, very often voltage related. The ecu needs good power to work properly. We see this reported here quite often and it nearly always ends up being bad wiring/battery related.

        A bad battery cable (internal corrosion) causing high resistance, or internal corrosion in that white wire are therefore still possibilities. Can you get a multimeter and do some testing?

        One other thing to check is the engine harness that runs from engine to dash. A friend of mine had all those kinds of false codes and engine playing up - he noticed that it sometimes happened when the boat was underway and he hit some wakes. They searched and found that the harness had rubbed through where it went thru a bulkhead and when they hit bumps, it was shorting out.

        Thats all Ive got. Maybe someone else will chime in.

        Good luck!