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updating Suzuki interface cables

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  • updating Suzuki interface cables

    Moonlighter - I am using the emulator software to try to downgrade at 2.9 cable to try to run the older version of software. I am using the emulator network using a PC and when I plug the interface cable into the nema network, it is not recognized by the emulation software. Do you think the engine interface needs to bve plugged into a motor to be recognized on the network? I am trying to do this work at my house before I go down to where my boat is stored. So to summarize, must the engine interface cable be plugged into a engine for it to be recognized on the nema emulated network. I was able to get the gauges to read and show up on the network, so I know my USB connection and my temporary network is functioning properly. Thank you for all you do for the Suzuki community! Thank you!

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    The interface cable must be getting power to be recognised. This is why when the engine key is turned off, the interface will disappear from the NMEA2000 device list.

    The easiest way to achieve this in your circumstances is to plug the interface into the engine and turn the key to on.


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      Moonlighter- you are the man! Thank for your help and all you do for this community.