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Motor - Gauge - Interface Cable - Compatibility Question

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    Strange ..... but anyway, try again but put the battery on a charger so its fully charged. Sometimes lower than full voltage doesnt help software changes.

    Turn the engine key to on to where it beeps. Turn the network on. Turn the Simrad on and put the SD card into the Simradís card slot. Open the Simrad menu, find the files, find the SD card and open it, select the V2.30 software file and upload.

    A progress bar should pop up. Wait till its finished. Then in the network menu, select the Suzuki device and open it, and check the software version listed. If its V2.30 then the update was successful.

    You then need to set engine year, location and engine hp using the dropdown menu in the Suzuki device configure menu.
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      Iíll have to wait untilI have access to that Simrad unit again I suppose.

      Interesting though that the gauge downgrade took and the interface cable did not if it is voltage related. But... it does make me wonder because we were powering the Simrad with an extra battery I had in the garage. The motor, gauges, n2k network, etc weíre hooked up to the boat, which are full voltage.

      Iím assuming that the garage battery was full charge since the Simrad had no problems.


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        Its the voltage to the network that is important. Dont assume the boatís batteries are good, put the charger on while you do it.

        Maybe something has happened to the V2.30 update file. If you pm me with your email address I will send a copy direct to you.
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