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2008 DF300 code 5-1 after powerhead removed

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  • 2008 DF300 code 5-1 after powerhead removed

    I recently removed the powerhead from my 2008 DF300 to replace the drive shaft and driven gear. I put it back together and it ran rough and the starboard bank was not firing. Had a shop plug it in to their diagnostics and reported that the timing was way off. I pulled the powerhead a second time and went through the timing chain installation by the book very carefully. Fired up and ran smooth as silk but no oil pressure. Pulled the powerhead a third time and found that the oil pump drive sprocket had not seated precisely on the very small shoulder on the port side exhaust camshaft timing sprocket and it slipped off when it ran and did not turn with the sprocket on the end of the exhaust camshaft. I thought it felt funny when torquing the bolt. After reassembling, it ran fine. Good oil pressure but a 5-1 code for starboard Variable Valve Timing advance. Book says to check the Oil Control Valve by applying 12 volts to the contacts. I get a nice load click from both OCVs. So I swapped the port and starboard OCVs and I still got the 5-1 code. Thinking I may have damaged the VVT device by running it with the timing way off, I pulled the powerhead a fourth time and swapped the port and starboard VVT intake camshaft timing sprockets. after reassembly, I still get code 5-1. I was half hoping to get a 5-2 showing that a bad VVT sprocket was shifted to the port side but not so. I checked all the oil orifices to the VVT sprockets and in the OCVs and put new gaskets on the OCVs so I don't think it is a clogged oil passage. I've been good with my 100 hour oil changes with Suzuki oil so the internals look very clean.

    I do not have a Suzuki 26 pin test cord to check the ECM power source voltage at terminals 45 and 52 as called for in the manual for code 5-2. The Suzuki repair shops in eastern Massachusetts are busy with the flood of spring work. Has anyone had this code and found a simple fix? I'm tired of pulling the powerhead!

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    Update: I put the boat in the water and ran it up to 4,000 rpm and the 5-1 code went away. Apparently the motor needs to get up to higher RPMs where the Oil Control Valve kicks in and actuates the Variable Valve Timing then the code resets. At idle the VVT is not yet operating. Couldn't do it on the muffs in the driveway as the motor is limited in RPMs when in neutral. Purrs like a kitten now.