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Suzuki DF15 EFI 2013 surging

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  • Suzuki DF15 EFI 2013 surging

    Hi guys,

    Any suggestions as to what the problem could be with my engine:

    Please note: I'm only increasing the throttle from idle - I'm not going back and forth with the throttle.

    I just replaced the high pressure pump, as the old one was rusted inside - that helped a litte, as the engine would not go past idle before, but now this problem occurs.


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    Thats not a problem, thats the engine’s ecu doing exactly what it is supposed to do and preventing the engine being excessively revved in neutral.

    It does that by restricting spark and fuel flow to limit revs to 3000rpm when the engine is not in gear. It then does exactly what your engine is doing when it hits 3000rpm.

    Ever heard a race car going down pit lane with the pitlane speed limiter activated? Exactly the same thing. Ecu preventing the engine revving past a set limit.

    Test it on a boat in forward gear.


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      Moonlighter Thanks for your reply! I just did not think that the revs were high enough for the rev limiter to kick in? I will try it on a boat and get back.


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        Moonlighter Tried the engine today on the boat - guess what - you were right! Thanks