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LMF400 gauge not displaying data with new ECM

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    Originally posted by Moonlighter View Post
    Ok here they are from my dropbox folder.

    version 2.30

    version 2.5.0

    Download the files to your desktop, and dont try to open them. Then copy them to a SD card that will fit into your HDS unit but it must be no bigger than 32GB capacity or the HDS wont read it.

    Now, the upload procedure is as follows:
    1. Turn the engine key to on where it beeps (but you dont need to start the engine)
    2. Open the Lowrance MFD menu, find the files/storage page and locate the sd card, open it, and select the software update file.
    3. Select upload. Wait while it uploads, you will see a update progress bar as it uploads. It can take a minute or so to upload. Exit when its done.
    4. Then go into the menu again and find network/devices and then open the device list. Locate the Suzuki interface that was just updated. Select configure, it opens a page showing details including the software version. So make sure that the software version listed now matches the version you uploaded.
    5. Also, make sure that the engine location setting is correct, if not, set it using the dropdown on that page.
    6. Do not attempt to change the hp or year settings. These are auto detected on all software versions later than 2.30. Version 2.30 is the only one that you need to manually set the hp and location.
    Last step is to run an auto detect for data sources as per my post #5.

    I recommend you use version 2.5.0. Its a proven version that works with most engines.
    You’ve saved the day mate, v2.5 was no fix but v2.3 has got everything working how it should be. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it mate.


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      happy it sorted it out for you.


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        Where do I connect a engine interface cable to the engine on a 2021 DF150ap?


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          AP engines are using digital controls and typically also use digital gauges already….

          Do you not have digital gauges now? If so which ones? SMG4 are 4” square with rounded corners, C-10 also same size but sharp corners.