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2007 Df140 runs high at starting

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  • 2007 Df140 runs high at starting

    hello everyone,

    Need a little advice/help in a little issue I have been noticing the last few times out on my boat. when I go to start my motor it starts and goes up to 2000 rpms for like 3-4 seconds then goes down to normal idle.. runs fine after that but dont think its normal to do that. when I go to start it... I turn the key to first click.. wait for the tach dial to do its cycle [ beep]... wait another 5 seconds then start the motor. just a note i've changed everything on this motor. new fuel line, prime ball, low pressure fuel filter, high pressure fuel filter, new water/fuel separator filter, VST removed and cleaned, Fuel cooler and rail removed and cleaned, new thermostat, new spark plugs, oil change just done, lower gear oil just done, impeller in good condition.

    the motor runs like a sowing machine and is kicking no codes just can't understand why it would be doing that when starting .. dont want it to get worse so if there's something im missing want to nip it in the butt. any help is highly appreciated


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    My 150 done this till I moved the white wire from the switched side of the battery switch to the always hot terminal of the switch.
    Possible low voltage on white ECM wire. I would check for corrosion on the connections or the fuse . Good idea to slide all the flat fuses out and back in there slots to scrape off any small amount of corrosion.