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Df200 starting issue!

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  • Df200 starting issue!

    Hi all, I have DF200 from 2004 with around 400hrs. Boat is winterized in a garage and in December I started the engine just fine. Went to start engine last month and nothing. Doesn't even try to start. I hear no clicking sound when I turn the key. Did some troubleshooting after searching this forum and below is what I found out so far.
    • When I turn key to first position, guages light up and beep normally and I hear fuel pump turn on. Hours are shown on guage.
    • When I turn key from first position to start position, no noises are heard and from the battery meter I see no voltage drop.
    • I have trim both at engine and at helm.
    • Followed white wire into engine and 12v is present.
    • When throttle lever is in forward or reverse position and key is turned for starting, fuel pump doesn't start.
    Is there anything else I can look at from my end?
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    When you say you followed the wire to the engine and have 12V, on what wire do you have 12V? Have you checked the starter relay? It'll be in the fuse/relay box with the others.
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      I meant that I followed the white wire through the loom into the engine, found the 15a fuse, which is ok and checked the voltage at 12v when the key is at the first position.

      I have found the starter relay in the fuse box. I'll check how to test the relay and do that next time I'm near the boat.


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        have you investigated the neutral safety switch?
        this did not sound like a white wire problem
        Not to be redundant but status of the safety switch with the lanyard?


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          Hi, just tested the starter relay. Ohms read fine and relay clicks when 12v is supplied.

          When lanyard clip is removed, fuel pressure pump doesn't start when turning the key. So safety switch looks OK.

          Let me brief a bit regarding the neutral safety switch, although as I said above, when throttle lever is in forward position,.fuel pressure pump doesn't start. So I'm not sure if that's the same thing or not.