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Using diagnosis system SDS on a DF15. No power?

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  • Using diagnosis system SDS on a DF15. No power?


    The PC does not get contact with the engine. Error message indicates that the power on the engine is not on.
    And that is correct. I have no battery to the engine and the engine is not running. I thougt it was some kind of flash memory that that could be opened just by plugg in in the USB-cable in the computer. But no, not that simple. do I handle this? Do I have to put the engine in a barrel of water and run it or is there any other way to put power on the system without starting the engine?

    I found these red and yellow cables. They just end with a sealing plug DF15.jpg What are they intended for? Could they be used for powering up the system?
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    I believe there is a special cable to provide power to SDS for these small engines that do not have electrical start. I suggest you talk to a Suzuki dealer.


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      Thanks, will proceed with looking for such cable