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1998 Suzuki DF70 Oil Leaking from Water Inlet

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  • 1998 Suzuki DF70 Oil Leaking from Water Inlet

    I have a 1998 Suzuki DF70 that is leaking oil from the water intake ports at the bottom of the engine. When the engine is running there is a large oil slick around the motor at idle. After a 30 mile run the oil light came on. I measured the oil level in the motor and it was below the lower level of the dipstick. I figure I am losing about 1 quart of oil an hour from the leak.

    I have pulled all of the cowlings and lower foot off the motor in hopes of finding the leak but nothing obvious was found. I drained the oil and could not find any indication of water in the oil but I did find chocolate milk in my water cooling shroud where the pee hole is connected.

    I also pulled all of the plugs in efforts to locate a ring or head gasket issue but the plugs lock good. I have attached pictures of the plugs for reference.

    At this point I assume that it is an internal gasket? Any help would be appreciated.

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    1999 Suzuki DF70TL

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    Possibly a crank shaft seal? Can you shine a light up the leg where the drive shaft goes?


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      I have the same problem and my engineer said me that thre was a factory problem with a hole in the oil pipe inside of the main body of engine for 1998-1999 models.I wish if any person from suzuki will give us a response and what can we do.