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2013 suzuki 250 ss overheating?

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  • 2013 suzuki 250 ss overheating?

    Looking to find out what would be the max. temp range. at WOT. for this engine.

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    Check your service manual for thermostat rating. Mine is 58-62C for a 2009 DF90A.


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      i replaced both thermostats to 130 degrees. At WOT my temp. climbs to 160. Is this normal? Full service was just completed.


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        I see nothing that suggests that 160F is high. If anything, a touch low. But that may be due to water temps in your loaction.

        My DF115 runs at around 74C under normal conditions, which is 165F if I am not mistaken. Water temps here on the east coast of Australia are anywhere from 15-30 degrees C.

        If your engine were overheating you would get an alarm before damage is done. The Suzukis have 2 temp alarms - one is when a preset level which is too high is reached, the other is a gradient alarm, which is when temp suddenly increases although the high temp point may not have been reached.


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          My '14 300 runs in the 138 F range WOT in SoFlo in the summer. At 160 I have got an alarm before due to sand in the intake.