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When to change break in oil

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  • When to change break in oil

    I have a new Suzuki 50 and have run approximately 6-8 gallons of gas through it. Does this engine tell me when I have gone through the initial break in period? Reason I ask is because the oil light is blinking. When I look through the manual it says if there is a problem with oil pressure it will blink and beep and to check the oil level. Checked the level and and am good to go there and there is no beep.

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    Break in period should be 20 hours and first oil change is also ar 20 hours.(confirm with owners manual) Iím guessing thatís what the oil warning lamp is telling you. Your first oil change is probably the most important, there will be filings from the manufacturing of the engine plus from the break in period.


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      Blinking = oil change due reminder. Beep = we have a problem Houston!

      As Murray said 20hrs and its due to be changed.

      Then, every 100hrs.

      You will also have to reset the reminder to cancel the blinking light, see your manual for how to.


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        Donít forget the lower unit oil at 20 hours.