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HELP!! Suzuki DF15 torque specs for crank and rods...............

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  • HELP!! Suzuki DF15 torque specs for crank and rods...............

    I'm ready to put my motor back together and cannot find or buy a manual to get the specs I need to put it back. The main ones I need are the connecting rod specs and the crank specs. If anyone has any specs on a df15 or similar, please let me know. The connecting rods are aluminum with no bearings and the crank had your typical split bearings. Getting desperate...........if I can even find a spec for a similar motor construction and hp, I'd take it.

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    Don't mean to sound like a jerk, but for the life of me, I don't know why people start such projects without the reference material they need to do the job correctly. I don't know where you looked for manuals, but they are eas y to come by.
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      Google selffixer dot com for a PDF manual


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        You do not sound like a jerk, but you do not know my experience or ability. I was counting on my nephew to get me the specs, as he has been ehicles for about 25 years now. He could not find the specs for free, so I ended up buying a manual for 80 bucks. I was upset that I had to spend that kind of coin to replace a bottom main seal. Parts (gaskets, seals, etc) $50, manual $80. If it wasn't for my neph. I would have just bought the manual a few years ago. I was impressed with the Suzuki build until I split the crank case and saw that there were no thrust plates, and that the crank (steel) was riding on the aluminum case. Planned obsolescence I guess. Also the conn rods have no bushings either, just riding on the aluminum rod material. I thought my 1965 BSA was a crap box, but at least I kept it running for 5 years.

        For anyone else in the future that has a DF15 and need real help, I can be found at and I will have the book.