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Do I need any of the specific Suzuki tools to reseal lower unit - DF150

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  • Do I need any of the specific Suzuki tools to reseal lower unit - DF150

    Planning to reseal the lower unit on my 2006 DF150. I've reviewed the service manual and see several specific tool recommendations. I have a fairly well equipped tool chest and a decent skill set (learned from years of other mistakes), but no Suzuki specific tools. The manual recommends the following:
    09913-50121 - Oil seal remover. I have this covered with a generic of same design.
    09930-30161 - attachment - propeller shaft remover
    09921-29410 - driveshaft holder
    09930-30104 - sliding shaft hammer - I have a generic sliding hammer
    09926-29310 - driveshaft housing remover
    09922-59410 - prop shaft housing installer
    09922-59420 - housing installer handle

    What, if anything, do I really need? Tips on work-arounds if I don't purchase a specific tool?
    With only 550 hours and well maintained, should I be concerned with measuring backlash for reassembly?

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    Anyone have experience with this?


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      I have not replaces the seals on the lower unit of any Suzuki outboards, however I have replace seals and disassembled the lower units of other major manufactures. From my experience I have been able the perform the work without having the special tools identified by the manufacturer. No doubt the special tools may simplified the job, bud I was able to successfully complete the job without them.

      I have review the diagrams of Suzuki lower units and believe that would be the case when working on they. You might have to improvise and modify a slide puller to remove the propeller shaft bearing carrier. If you find enough room after removing the bearing carrier retainer you may be able to remove the propeller shaft seals wait a common corkscrew seal remover.



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        I'm guessing you have water getting into gear case?

        I might contact a local dealership and compare cost of them doing the same work, with the cost of the specific tools plus the parts.
        As i see from the parts list you only need to remove item # 26 thru 34.
        You shouldn't need to remove the prop shaft or remainder of the transmission? Unless you are also changing seals on driveshaft and clutch rod? I believe these can be changed without removing the transmission assy also?

        There might be videos online as well. It could help others if you did a video of it as well?

        Your local mechanic might also give some pointers?

        No. I have not worked on these df motor transmissions. More of the 2 strokes mechanic.

        Good luck, post back when able.