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1995 Suzuki DT25 loss of power at full throttle

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  • 1995 Suzuki DT25 loss of power at full throttle

    1995 Suzuki DT25 3 cylinder. Starts and idles great but once I get to 3/4-full throttle I can run a couple hundred yards and it loses power. Can sit there for a minute or two and itís fine but once I return to full throttle again it does the same thing again after a couple hundred yards. Compression is great and plugs are new. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Do you run a fuel additive in every tank? As it sounds like you've got a fuel issue. Have you tried pumping the bulb when this starts to happen, does it do anything? Do you have a fuel filter for fuel in tank?
    Do you use ethanol fuel, how long had motor been sitting up (not running), what care do you use when not using?

    Has motor had any service funding on it recently, by a good mechanic?

    Good luck, post back when able to let us know.


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      Sounds like a fuel issue. The main jet might be blocked up. A good carb clean would probably help.