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  • Nmea2000

    I am trying to connect my Garmin Echomap Plus 92 SV to my twin engines Suzuki DF300AP mod 2017.
    The network from right to left looks like this: male terminator --> T connection to starboard engine gauge --> T connection to Chartplotter –> T connection to power supply --> T connection to Port engine gauge --> female terminator.

    The chartplotter doesn’t detect my engines. I tried menu --> communication --> NMEA2000. All I could see in the device list is the chartplotter and not the engines.
    Can anyone please help with the troubleshooting?

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    Did you snoop around the forum?(Search) There is a "Sticky" at the top of this forum concerning NMEA networks that might help. Sorry I can't help more, I'm a compass type of guy.


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      You need to have the engine keys turned on when you check the chartplotter’s device list.

      please post a photos of your dash showing the gauges. (Do you know what model they are, I am thinking they might be the Suzuki OEM gauges that are supplied to customers outside US?)

      There is no need to PM me as well as posting a question on the forum, if I see a post on the forum and think that I can assist the member, I will respond. The idea of the forum is that people can learn from others experiences by reading the posts, and having discussions via PM defeats that purpose.
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        yes i have the engines key turned. i tried all possible combinations: chartplotter on then engine key on, engine key on then chartplotter on, turn the engines actually all the way on, etc. nothing seem to work. so i wondered maybe there's a setup/configuration that has to be done to the engines and/or chartplotter for the network to work.
        here is a pic of my dashboard.
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          Those are the Suzuki OEM gauges supplied to all countries outside the USA since 2015.

          Here is a link to the installation manual. Have a read, it might give you some ideas if anything needs to be changed. Page 14 shows the wiring arrangement and network connections for DF300’s. Check that yours is as per that diagram. I couldnt see anything in the manual about settings required for networking, but I only had a quick glance so read thru the manual fully just in case. You might have to sign up to dropbox to access this file (it is free and easy).

          Check on the back of your gauges to find the model number. I understand that some of the early models of these gauges could only accept NmEA2000 data input, and did not output data to the network. See my sticky thread on Suzuki networks at the top of this forum, towards the bottom of the first post I have some info there re this matter


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            So i found a useful article on the basic troubleshoot of nmea 2000. I thought it would be interesting to share with the community.
            Here is the link:
            my network passed all the tests mentioned in the above article. Proving that the installation and wiring are correct.

            i also checked the gauges model number: port is 34200-96L12 (mod 2017) and starboard is 34200-96L11 (mod 2016).
            those gauges are compatible, right?
            i didnt have time to check the engines’ harness witing yet. I will do so and share with you.


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              Dont know.

              I suggest you talk to your friend who is the Suzuki dealer to see if they can help.


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                looks like the local dealer is unable to help. garmin also seems not sure of what might be wrong.
                one last question: do you think i still should upload any files/updates to my engines? could that be the problem?


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                  No. Since your engine doesnt use the interface cables there are no updates available in any case.

                  try swapping the Garmin to a different T piece - occasionally I have seen a bad T piece even though brand new.


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                    I also suggest that you make absolutely certain that the network is getting power. It would explain the lack of any other devices showing on the Garmin device list.

                    if possible, try another display in place of the Garmin. Some years ago, I helped another person who had issues and it was eventually figured out that his Garmin had a faulty internal NMEA2000 network circuit.


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                      By the way, the gauges you have are not available in the USA as yet.

                      So asking questions on other US based forums is unlikely to get much info and may lead to confusion because they will think the gauges are the Suzuki C-10 gauges sold in the USA, which are totally different.

                      if there are Eu boating forums yu might have more luck there.