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Shift Position Sensor Adjustment

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  • Shift Position Sensor Adjustment

    Hello! I replaced the shift position sensor on my 2006 df225 and I am still getting alarms that go off after a few minutes. It shows either a 1-2 or a 3-3. Is there a method for adjusting the sensor or a trick to the install? I was told to install with the motor in reverse to allow for the spring loaded sensor to be in the correct position and did so. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Iíll reply to bump your query to the top, I looked thru my service manual(2009 DF 90A) and I canít find a procedure to adjust the shift position sensor. You mention two codes with the term either a 1-2 or 3-3 code. Which is it? A 3-3 is a neutral switch. In my service manual there is a fairly detailed description on troubleshooting the shift position sensor. Iíd strongly suggest you get a genuine Suzuki service manual if you donít already have one. There are people on this forum that have forgotten more than Iíll ever know, hopefully one of them will jump in.


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      Thank you! I have the manual and both the neutral safety switch and shift position sensor are new. From what I understand either one can be responsible for those codes. I think itís strange there is no procedure in the manual to install or adjust either. The beeping is really annoying!


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        Iím confident someone with more experience than us will chine in, sorry I couldnít be more help.