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what's the small tube?

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  • what's the small tube?

    I notice white, (oil mixed with water?) fluid dripping out of a small tube (1/4 in.) that comes down from the front, lower portion of the motor. Tube ends down near the top of the lower unit. It may be from the leaking tilt reservior but if not, where does this tube lead or come from? Was told it could be a lubrication escape from a 'built in speedometer?" Oil in motor is full, recently changed, not mixed with water, motor running perfectly.

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    There is a speedometer tube that connects to lower unit and is routed behind trim unit that connects to speedo on most models. It shouldn't have oil in it.
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      small tube on df90

      thanx for the info but this is like a drain tube from the lower, front of the motor head and it's too cluttered in that area to see where exactly it comes from. The oil on/in it may be the oil from the leak in the tilt reservior since this tube kinda lays against the back side of the tilt reservior.