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    Well I am pleased to announce that I now have fuel remaining displayed on my HDS. I installed the Lowrance fuel Management module after a bit of correspondence with a US based owner who had similar problems.
    It now shows fuel remaining that is within .3 of a litre that the fuel used Suzuki gauge shows.
    When you fuel up you can either click the fuel added or tank refilled buttons and fuel remaining is calculated.

    I am very happy with the outcome.


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      Hi, I am in Australia and have the same problem as Bloggsy having just replaced my ETEC with a Suzuki DF90ATL. I run a NMEA network to a Lowrance HDS 12 Touch Gen 2. With the ETEC I used a EP-85R to produce "Fuel Remaining" & other fuel related readings. The Suzuki 90 was installed with a Suzuki Multi Function Gauge (MFG), the dealer had connected the MFG and a new network power supply to the existing network which included a EP-85R. Since reading this Forum I removed the 2nd network power supply and the EP-85R. Now i can not get "Fuel Remaining"or "Fuel Used". The Suzuki MFG displays "Fuel Used" but on the Lowrance it doesent, note in NETWORK/DEVICE LIST/SuzukiMFG/DataList re fuel, I only get "Fuel Rate" in L/hr, nothing else fuel.

      Bloggsy could you please advise me of your solution?

      NB. I find it astounding that in this day any one can spend tens of thousands of dollars on an engine and not know more about fuel remaining than doping a stick into the tank to check whats in there!
      Please do not tell me about tank fuel senders, I have been left stranded twice in two different boats because of faulty fuel gauges.